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    i wrote this today

    We took the hit
    from the back..
    We took the fall
    & America stayed on track......

    Only a fool.. would even dream..
    that they could or remove
    this nation that's free..

    Freedom rings in this blessed land..
    A unity divine.. which the suppressed
    are not expected to understand..

    Our mission is to bring this blessing..
    to every man
    in every land..

    are those left behind..
    The HERO'S are those
    who innocently lost their lives.

    We WILL KickAss..
    Our unity will lead..
    We will fight back..
    unfortunately.... it's the only way..
    for freedom to ring..
    you'll see.......


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    Very nice although we ARE still waiting on BUSH to fight back because so far he has not and this Iraq thing well that's just to get off the topic of the fighting back.

    I have not seen any attacks whatsoever on these terrorists so if we have not seen any there has not been any.
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    When i say we i mean Americans, it has nothing to do with the UK .
    Professor of crime at St Andrews university.

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    ned maybe its just me but dont you live in the uk if so your not an american.....also umm maybe its me but bush hasn't done anything? as far as i know we have over run afghanistan and setup a government we have basicly destroyed the taliban. so im still trying to figure out why the heck you say bush has done nothing?! iraq will get whats coming one day or another.....retaliation will take place and we will do yo ulike never watch tv at all or something? offense i was just kinda shocked that someone would think bush was doing nothing....
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    Ned, without getting into a long ungodly debate about what the US is or isn't doing we have special forces in at least 14 countries right now training their police forces and military forces to combat terrorists.. we have them in Yemen, Somolia, Sudan... all considered terrorist hotbeds... I've not kept up with their current deployments as of late but we are out there, and slowly we are making a difference.

    Personally I think someone autta just Nuke Saddam and be done with it.
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    ...I have not seen any attacks whatsoever on these terrorists so if we have not seen any there has not been any. The attacks have been made but without any results.

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    Back on topic, That was a very nice poem SiteTutor.
    I know ***** ripped off everybody else, but they wouldn't do it to me.
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    You write nice.

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    Very Nice SiteTutor

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