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    Atom dedi @ $81/mo USD cPanel/Fantastico Included

    I have 1 brand new server, all set up with cPanel + Fantastico, fully updated and secured with all new hardware. Used 1 day as a (successfull) test of the hardware combination. Will be bringing this hardware combination online fully in the near future.
    Basicly, it is ready, fully configured and secured, and sitting online, all it needs is someone to rent it, create accounts in WHM and start transferring files. Specs
    Brand New Hardware
    Intel 230 - 1.60GHz
    2 GB DDR 533 RAM
    2x 320GB SATA Hard drives (main and /backup drive)
    cPanel/Fantastico included (not extra)
    9 IP's
    600 GB/monthly bandwidthOrder Link

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    600gb ? are you for real , that is good for a week bandwith!

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