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    Affiliate programs

    Hey, im looking for affiliate programs to drive traffic to my site. I saw someone post this site but i couldnt find a place to sign up Thanks in advance.

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    Commission Junction is a pretty solid program - but not cheap!

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    its a solid program, but I dont know how to recomend it for webhosters. I was an affiliate, and thinking to signup. You know what I saw? A lot of new hosts listed, not a lot of hosts that have been there for a while. Check it out as an affiliate, see how those do before you jump in with what, 1k to signup.
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    Ultra Affiliate from groundbreak is the best option in my mind. Although you get good exposure from other larger affilate companies such as, a hosted solution such as UA from groundbreak is a good alternative to spending lots of $$$.

    Groundbreak only charges $200 to download the source code (1 year) and you can host it and customize it yourself. If you can code (a little knowledge of HTML) you can impliment this into any shopping cart or signup server you want. If you pay $400 you get a lifetime membership, free upgrades for life!

    When looking at what hosting companies need to make it now days every penny helps. Very inexpesive and good solution if you ask me.

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