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Thread: One Year Plan

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    One Year Plan

    I have decided to get myself an One-year domain from

    However, what concerns me is , do they cancel your account after your one year term is over? I noticed that they renew your term and once it is renewed, you can not cancel your account since it started. I don't want to get screwed so I need help.

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    i dont know if im understanding you correctly, but let me just tell you might help..

    when you buy a domain you buy it for a year. i havnt personally used godaddy but im sure like any other domain seller, you can buy just for one year. Now when your year is almost over you can choose to renew your domain for another yearly charge. It doesnt have to automatically renew if you dont want it to. The only reason renewing is nice is so that no one else buys your domain when the time runs out.

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    For godaddy, you have to visit your control panel and select not to renew your domain. By default for godaddy, it is enabled as renew.
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