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    UK reseller deal

    Update: Resellers may now host upto 100 domains as long as they are prepared to work with us in ensuring their customers do not excessively eat up memory and processor power. Our servers have 1Ghz processors with 512Mb RAM each - this means they are more than poweful enough to handle 300 domains. Also, there is now a choice of control panel.

    Hi everyone,

    Firstly, for all those who already have reseller accounts we welcome your opinions on our offer.

    We're soon to offer hosting and other services but for now we want to just deal with resellers.

    Firstly, I'd like to state that we're a fully registered UK Limited company that has been trading for over 2 years and we are not one of the 'offer ulimited everything' variety... we intend to be around tomorrow We only offer business grade services so our offer won't appeal to everyone.

    Please note our servers are UK based and are connected to both Easynet and GXN. Servers burst at 2Mbps but this will be increased at no charge when needed.

    We've come up with a very simple yet competitive plan for resellers, here are the details:

    + 25Gb/month transfer
    + 15Gb storage
    + Host upto 100 domains
    + 300 POP/IMAP mail boxes
    + 50 MySQL databases*
    + Ensim or CPanel control panel with RedHat Linux
    + 5 IP addresses (more available - 0.75p each from our own block)
    + 3:1 resellerserver contention ratio!

    + MySQLMyAdmin
    + PHP
    + SSL
    + Custom logs
    + Webmail
    + CGI-BIN (PERL, Python)*
    + Anonymous FTP

    + Includes 10 support issues per month.
    + 2 hour technical support response time business hours (8am-5pm GMT). (SLA - for every 2 hours we delay you we will credit you 4)
    + 6 hour technical support response time out of hours (SLA - for every 2 hours we delay you we will credit you 2)
    + 99.9% uptime guarantee. (SLA, as follows: 10% credit if uptime falls to 99.5% and 15% credit if uptime falls below 99.5%. This excludes scheduled downtime for updates).

    + If resellers would like anything extra (some extra storage, perhaps 1 extra IP address or a couple of extra mailboxes, we may well provide this at no extra charge depending on system resouces). We are flexible, we only place limits to ensure everyone gets fair access to the system.

    To our resellers only:
    + For proven resellers we can handle credit card billing to your clients (contact us for pricing)
    + Buy .com / .net / .org domains from as little as 5 per year (depending on volume)! (API access)
    + Dynamic DNS services (Suitable for businesses, multiple DNS servers located geographically across the globe) for only 5/year! (API access)
    + SMS text messaging services (Suitable for business, same company that provides text messaging services to AOL Europe) for as little as 3p a message (depending on volume). (API access)

    45/month (To be paid quarterly in advance) with a special price for annual payments - 480. You can choose to pay monthly with a deposit/setup cost of 80 (this will be credited to your account if you are still with us after 12 months).

    For more information please contact [email protected]. Our company is built on stable relationships with both our customers and suppliers. This ensures you get the best service at all times. Our current website is in development (

    All prices exclude VAT (currently 17.5% applicable to UK and EU residents). E&OE.

    *Users must accept that excessive use may degrade system performance and lower the service available to other users. We may request users reduce their impact on the system or purchase a solution that better suits their needs. Users with more demanding MySQL requirements may wish to take advantage of our dedicated MySQL server for example.
    In the case of CGI scripts, we may begin terminating them automatically via script if they consume more than 20Mb of memory or 10 seconds of CPU time. Exclusions will be considered by prior request.
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