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    * Help.

    This is probably a stupid question but you have to start somewhere right?

    well, here goes...I have always wanted to run a webhosting ( Virtual Hosting...I think) business but have no idea where to start or have been able to find any good resources...can someone please help me?

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    Spend some time reading through the forums. Use the search function here. Everything you need to know to start is here. But, you should get a little idea first, or anything we say is going to be confusion.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    small tip is plan out your $$, be prepared for trouble, know what your doing, and maybe start off with a reseller account, instead of a dedicated server.

    Aaron Laporte

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    This is definitely a good place to start. I know since our company started in 1997 a lot has changed. IMHO it is a lot easier than it was then with the help of control panels etc. Alapo had a great tip about starting with a reseller account. By reading the forums you will find out fast who has a good reputation. There are many wonderful people here who can help you so if you have questions just ask

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    Check out the many industry related sites...

    Also - shop as many hosts as you can - get a feel for what is offered, how, and how much. Signup for a few different providers' services if your budget permits just to see how they are doing things. If budget does not permit, ask around of your friends with sites to see if you can check out their control panels or welcome messages they received when signing up, etc.

    Read a lot on these forums - listen to what folks are griping about and what they are asking for.

    Pick a niche!!!

    Best of luck.

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