I am a professional systems admin/support in the boston area with lots of experience in the Technical Arena; Expecially Hosting, and Server Administration. I even used to run a webhost about about 4 years ago. I am a hardworker, and i engaged in every aspect of running the host, such as Building all of the servers, Installing and maintaining all of the software (Apache, Mysql, Qmail, Proftpd, Ncftpd etc... Handling billing and sales issues as well ( I treated each customer with respect, even doing little things like getting in contact with them just to see if they happy with thier service).... I left to go out to pursue other Technical work for other big companies. Doing work as unix systems admin (heavy focus on database work... bank software)/ Website Operator.

I have also helped numerous individuals with thier hosting businesses, and have single handedly started a few for some good friends ( building the server, setting up their control panel, setting up thier billing, and support software, and helping anything else they might need. Right now i am doing some light maintenance work on a few FreeBSD servers.

My background is primarily unix/freebsd.. and some linux, I have extensive knowledge in troubleshooting server software issues, and hardware issues . I have Minimal programming experience (i can of course do small shell scripting work), but i also have experience in the design field... graphics and web design.

I have active experience with many of the popular control panels.

Yrs Experience: 4
Willing to do: Sales, Support (tickets), Server help

Previous work

Time Availble

From morning till evening EST.. I am a nerd

Pay: Negotiable. *cheap*

Email: [email protected]

AIM: Arinze99