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    Exclamation Ensim 3.1 Resellers and IPs issue

    It appears that if a reseller is given ip based site create permission, that the ips are not assigned to the reseller anywhere, nor is there a pulldown list in the resellers interface to choose ips. The ips are entered freehand by the reseller. It appears Ensim 3.1 will allow the reseller to type in any IP, and the IP will go live once saved, no matter what the IP is. My plug was pulled because a wrong IP was entered by a reseller in this way, and created an IP conflict on the network. Anyone know of a fix or a way to prevent this from happening?? This appears to be very dangerous!


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    Have you reported this to ensim?

    I am right now using 3.0, so I havn't played with the reseller panels, but 3.1.1 was just released today so I will be able to upgrade, this MIGHT of been fixed in 3.1.1, but not sure.. Either way, you should report this to ensim asap.

    That is not good, and I know some datacenters really don't like it when you use other peoples ips..
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