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    User access question

    If I use the hosting service user access option to let only members into my site will there be any problems? Or, should I use outside software?

    Also if I use the hosting service's user access option will my bandwidth usage increase?


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    What user-access software does your provider offer?

    The basic and best way to go is often with Apache .htaccess files. They are easy to use and setup, and most payment gateway software has features built in to automagically update these files.

    Your bandwidth will increase a few bytes a month I suppose, your customers will also be sending a username and a password.

    Don't expect .htaccess to be secure - it is secure enough for most people, but browsers send the passwords in plaintext format. Of course, you could use .htaccess over SSL... But if its a member site sending all of the data of a secure connection is a lot of server load.

    Can you just do the auth over SSL and redirect them back to the non-secure pages? I suppose you could authorize the user over SSL, give them a unique ID that will be OK for 30 minutes of use, and let them use that ID over the non-secure connection. This takes a lot of software work, and based on your question is beyond your requirements.
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    Thank you for your fast response!
    I have a busy web site that is getting too much traffic. I want to limit traffic by requiring membership. My host service (HostSave) has a user access of unknown origin I can use. It places a secure folder in my directories that I must use a password and user name to get into.

    I would only use one or two user names and passwords for all members and not give each one a seperate name or password. I don't need a secure site, just a door to open to discourage usage to those really interested or detirmined to enter.

    I am really a novice and know very little about this so any advice please dumb down, thanks!


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    They dont say on their site but I assume HostSave give you cPanel to control your webspace - (the features list looks like cPanel)?
    In any case they offer directory protection and would be based on .htaccess - this is ideal for your situation and is easy to set-up.
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