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    Question Resellers - questions for you

    Hi resellers.

    Due to multiple customer inquiries, we are in the planning phase of our private label reseller program.

    1) We notice that many resellers offer big blocks of disk and bandwidth and let resellers allocate resources however they choose. The alternative of course is to offer discounts on the host's packages and let the reseller either pocket the difference or set their own pricing. Which model do you prefer, and why?

    2) What would you say are the three most important features that a reseller account MUST have for you to even consider it? (Assuming uptime/reliability is fine.)

    3) How important is it for you to be able to both customize the plan features and adjust pricing?

    4) How do you like billing handled? Through your merchant account and gateway provider, or the provider's? Even if MODWEST.COM, INC. appeared on customers' credit card statements?

    5) Do you want to handle your customers' support requests? How does this usually work in your experience?

    6) Do you want your customers to be able to sign up additional accounts in real time?

    Thanks for any advice and comment!
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    Hi magnaFix,

    I have answered your questions in order below

    1) We offer both - Bulk Reselling and discounted plans what people dont understand is that with the discounted plans, the reseller cant exactly oversell too much.

    2) Have a good Control Panel, Priviate Name servers using a few ip's

    3) It is very important to be able to custom plan's because every reseller is different maybe after a different market or have different pocket size etc.

    4) Its best to use something that will look after your clients support tickets and billing all in one solution.

    5) If you have enough staff go for it.. but there is a chance that this will hold you down.

    6) Yes of course for the bulk reseller plan its the only way i can suggest. but discounted packs use a sort of RESELLER AREA ONLY access for them to be able to order plans realtime.

    I hope this helps.

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