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    Recurring billing with

    Can anyone show me how to do recurring billing with I've read through the's developer guide but I still dont know how to do it ?
    Please help me

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    Call their customer support line - every time i've done that i've connected with someone who was able to walk me through my questions with very little problem.

    If you don't want to do that - let me know and i'll see what i can do for you - I'm part way through reading the new features of this release. Normally I handle the recurring billing via software that connects to

    Might want to email me off-board at [email protected] to get this taken care of.

    [email protected]

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    well as far as I know their virtual terminal doesn't have recurring option... probably it's thru the batch files (e.g. your own software)

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    Yes, that is correct. Their gateway will only do what you tell it to do... so if you want recurring billing, you have to tell it to bill each account every month. This can be done pretty easily with their API. Alternatively you can just make your own batch upload file and upload it on the first of the month every month! It's simple but it works!

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    Thank you for your respone. But I want to ask if there is a way to do recurring billing using ADC Relay Respone or ADC Direct Respone.

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    I think I have seen the option of recurring bill in the account settings option. There you can set the option as to if bills are recurring. Is'nt there variable for that option in their ADC?

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    Their new Virtual Terminal has a "Recurring Transaction" option that you can enable by going to the Virtual Terminal Settings link at the bottom of the Virtual Terminal.

    What it does, I really don't know, as have always been told that they don't support recurring transactions (you upload batches instead). It could be a new feature, though.

    Their new interface is a big improvement over their last one. More useful stuff has been added and the navigation is a lot better.
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