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    * 360WebHosting

    Is it just me or is nobody able to conect to
    Also, my site hosted at 360WebHosting isn't available.

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    Down from the UK, they might be having network/server problems

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    Down here from the US

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    Apache continues to fail on server1 (where our website is). We're working on getting a new server setup right now, and everything moved over to it, as server1 has been causing too many problems lately. We hope to have server1 back up within the hour though. All accounts are going to be refunded for two days of service as well, for the inconvenience. Please accept my appologies.

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    Server1 should be back up in about 30 minutes.
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    I just got word that it was a hardware problem. The ram is being replaced now. ETA Given 30 min.

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    Server1 is back up. I'll have more info for you posted in the help desk area later tonight or early tomorrow morning about when the move to the new server will take place, Unknown007. Thanks for your patience!

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