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Thread: ISP Site Design

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    ISP Site Design

    I hired a web designer via and he created the design shown below. Also take a look at the Services, Support, Contact, etc pages before assuming you saw the whole design by just looking at the main page.

    I'm looking for someone who can do either better than the design shown below or someone who has better ideas in content (logo, service plans, forms, etc) for the site.

    PM, Email, or Respond to this thread if you are interested. I'm looking at a relatively low price range... $70 and below? I will likely have to pay the current designer (who designed the above website) for the work he has provided already ... doesn't seem fair to just not pay him.

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    ill do it!
    shoudl i continue on what you have right now, or should i start completely from beginning???

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    here we go:

    If you need any changes, just tell me

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    I will make on now.

    Noah- Fabrikated Media™
    Lead Designer @ SingleHop

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    I will have ago based on the current links and report back later.

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    for your price range this is the best i could do because I dont want to spend hours on a design only for it to be unused but anyway if your interested in it I will do extra work ie inside pages , better splash.

    Because of the content of your site I was also wondering if you would be interested in a sort of portal site like , just a sigeestion though get soon .
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    hmm just a suggestion improve your design it looks like you paid only 200$ for the current website looks very un professional for the ISP company it may get down your ISP business because ISP's take alot of work from there websites (advertising,user status,admin system,etc) but anyway no hard feelings it was just suggestion to you as a friend from me to show you the right path.
    best of luck and have a nice day/night.
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    wow ppl at elance suck

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