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    Which Reseller To Go With?


    I am currently looking at two different reseller plan and wondered what people thought or if anyone has had experience with any of these hosts:

    :: gig space, 15 gigs bandwidth, for $16.95-

    :: Splash Host Bronze Reseller Plan-1 gig space, 15 gigs B/W, $30/month

    The major difference, besides the cost, is that SplashHost has Cpanel, while Lehost is running Plesk. I prefer CPanel over Plesk, but I don't think it's worth $14 to me a month. Also, SplashHost lets you host Unlimited Domains, while Lehost only allows 5. Is there a major service difference?

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    SplashHost is well known about these parts and seem to have many happy customers. I am a competitor, thus not a customer, but from what I've seen you can't go wrong with Alan and I have not heard about the other one at all.... but if you want CPanel and more than five domains, I think the final choice should be clear.

    Whatever you do, use the search button at the top ^^ and run some searhes to narrow down your choice with user opinions.

    Good luck with whoever you end up choosing.

    Take care,

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    Just signed up with - was gonna say some good words here, but couldn't find a "kudos" section.

    Anyways, happy customer. Mark will set you up with a custom package for a nice price. He's a small operation, just starting out, so the support is definitely there, one on one.

    Mark (Chang)

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    I would also suggest Splashhost...

    Very switched on and Alan is a great guy..

    Im a competitor too but i have customers that also use Splashhost reseller service in conjunction with ours and are happy.

    Kind regards
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    OK thanks guys..............looks like alan at splashhost is a great guy. I may try to work out a custom plan to lower the cost a bit. Thanks again

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    Re: Which Reseller To Go With?

    Originally posted by ikellen
    . . . . . . . .SplashHost lets you host Unlimited Domains, while Lehost only allows 5. Is there a major service difference?
    I would be hesitant to call a reseller account that allowed only five domains, a Reseller Account.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    Personally a better control panel with more features, and better functionality and usability coupled with Alan's support is indeed worth the $14 difference.

    Go with Splashhost.

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    Iíve been with SplashHost for nearly a year now and except for the fork bomb episode in early February the service has been very smooth. Alan responds to support ticket really fast and there is also a very friendly and knowledgeable forum at SH.

    You will not regret spending a few extra bucks.


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    hmm...............looks like splashhost is very reputable. Im still shopping, but I'll definitly keep them in mind

    Thanks to everyone that replied

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    You won't go wrong with Splashhost, and you'll be glad you chose them in the end.

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    Like jstonehouse said use the search at the top and do your research. This is the most important thing.
    You'll find all your answers with that special button.

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    May be you can add as another option. I use their service and they're very good. Speed servers and friendly staffs ( esp. Diederik ). And the price is so good.

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    I must agree with many of the above posters, I would also go with SplashHost, I almost did too, but instead found a much cheaper solution (that is now out of business after 40 days or so). Maybe I should listen to my own advice.

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    I've been with Alan, SplashHost for a year now and he is a good man. There's no down-time for 3 months, till now.

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