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    MRTG with 95% and usage info?

    Hi guys!
    Anyone knows how to configure MRTG so that it displays the 95% usage as well as total amounts of traffic used?
    This is what I need - first image on left.
    And this is what I have so far after the install: 2nd image on the right.
    Also, how do I set the maximum of allowed traffic (to be taken as "maximum" for the percentage calculation)?

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    hummingbirdhosting Guest
    Im not sure you can get 95th out of MRTG. you may want to look at Cacti for that.

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    Okay, but how about total In/Out bandwidth amounts being listed? Any idea?

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    hummingbirdhosting Guest
    Hi John
    Im pretty sure what you have out of MRTG is all you can get. if you need 95th and in/out then its Cacti

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    I'm looking to do the same thing and ran across this site:
    But it doesn't say where to put the code. Anyone know where this code should be placed?
    I'm running Centos 5.2 and mrtg was installed with yum.

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    I realize Cacti gives this information, but does ANYONE have 95th percentile calculations and baseline in the graph working on MRTG?

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