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    What should I do? (whois DNS info wrong)


    A customer of mine just signed up with me, and did a DNS transfer to my nameservers

    About 2 days after the x'fer, I did a check, and found a 'typo'

    Name Server: NS1.mywebhost.COM
    Name Server: NS2.mywebhost.CM

    Checking with the customer, he says the control panel reflects it correctly as

    Name Server: NS2.mywebhost.COM

    He was kind enough to grant me access, and indeed it was. Emails sent to the registrar to correct this has had no response.

    It has been over a week since since I sent the registrar the first email, and 3 since the 2nd.

    Would this cause any problems?
    What should I do?


    Edited to add: I did delete my nameservers via his control panel, and reentered them; but the outcome for NS2 was still .CM

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    What registrar was this? They dont sound very reputable... I would recommend transfering to another registrar that answers support emails.

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    If your second nameserver is on the same server as your primary one, don't worry because just one nameserver is enough, however this is very strange because most registrars have to verify the existing of nameservers before add them to database. Try to contact the registrar again maybe they have answer for you.
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    But yes, both DNSs are actually hosted on the same machine, and theoritically, I don't see a problem. The registrar did verify the 2 nameservers (I had to key in their ip addresses before it would allow me to add the, and they had to match).

    I think it's a very strange occurance really, which in theory shouldn't affect anything... I just wasn't sure if that would be so.

    I was actually thinking the exact same thing - recommend my customer move to a different registrar (probably namecheap since I use them too) - this really stems from the registrar not responding to emails. (I had sent the parent 1 email but no response from them either...)

    For those who really want to know:

    Registered Through....:
    Whois Server:

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