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    * Install SSL ( getting DNS error )

    I Have installed SSL on a domain. but when i type https://domain it gives DNS error. this is on IIS. when i click view certificate in dir security and click view cert the certificate is fine.

    But when i type https://domain it says dns error


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    Does your system use 128 bit cipher? By default a lot of installs came with 56 bit and will produce that error. Of course, it'll do that if the virtual host directives aren't correct too.
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    yes it's 128 bit how can i solve this problem.

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    are u able to access your website ?
    One should not be getting a dns error with https if http is resolving.

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    yes i can access the site through but not that is the problem.

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    Was the SSL registered for or or something else ? - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    i dont think ssl is setup correctly on ur server, that could be the one problem i could guess.

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    dedicated IP?

    I had similar problem. It was resolved when I gave a dedicated IP to
    So make make sure your domain has a dedicated IP, not shared IP.

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    Usually you would have or - It will only work for the domain name as the cert was setup for - Not always true though - you can sometimes view by but receive errors saying the url does not match the certificate... how was the domain entered when requesting the cert?

    And yes, the domain needs it's own IP address

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