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    Looking For Sponsor

    We're wanting to start up a site which should become fairly popular (we hope).

    I dont want to disclose all the info just now so noone pinches our idea first.

    it will cater for an adult / late teens.

    I've investigated hosting and it will cost about $90-120 per year for hosting and domain, all development work will be done by us.

    of course if you can host it then it'd be better all round to do that, because we'd shortly grow out of the available bandwidth within a month or so.

    in return you'd get full advertising and whatever else you require.


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    This should be in the Web Hosting Requests forum

    Anyway if you can contact me on either AIM (Fazel3) or MSN ([email protected]), I may be able to help you with what you're looking for.

    Husain Fazel
    [email protected]
    PixelSync Web Hosting
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