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    SimPanel - Free CPanel simulator

    Hello, all CPanel theme designers!

    You get broken links when you test your theme? Missing images? Missing large blocks of text?
    Get SimPanel!

    SimPanel is a FREE set of PHP scripts that simulates CPanel. Even under Windows.

    So what does SimPanel do? It lets you browse CPanel themes, of course. Without errors. And with no CPanel involved.

    But there is more. SimPanel also contains a simple debugger. It detects misspelled tags/variables/functions. The report window lets you see which tags are used, and where. Click the tag in the report to display HTML-source with the tag highlighted.

    SimPanel lets you simulate a complete account with domain name, user name, resource usage, account limits and everything. Things like BW usage can be randomly picked in an interval you specify.

    SimPanel works for themes written in PHP or in pure HTML.

    Since CPanel has almost no documentation at all, everything had to be reverse-engineered. I am using the "bluelagoon" theme as a reference. The simulator now has 100% functionality for the index page, and a lot of other pages too. IF a CPanel tag is not simulated, it just returns blank HTML.

    - Apache with mod_rewrite
    - PHP 4.1.0 or better
    - MySQL
    - A CPanel theme

    See the preliminary screenshots and short descriptions at:

    Download SimPanel:

    Join the SimPanel forum:

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    Very interesting....
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    I am somewhat lost as to what this does...?

    So basically it will replace cpanel? Why would I want to do that?

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    It sounds like something you can load a CPanel theme into to test the icons, links etc, without having to actually load the CPanel on a server.

    Just a guess... I haven't looked at the site
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    SimPanel doesn't compete with CPanel in any way. SimPanel is a tool for the theme designer.
    You can work on theme files on your local box (Windows if you want), with no CPanel involved.
    When you preview theme files on a local box without CPanel you usually get garbage.
    SimPanel will replace CPanel tags with "real" output, and give you a detailed report on what has been replaced, and where.
    That's right. Browsing theme files, and debugging. That's what it's all about.

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