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    Question Does anubody know anything about TK Hosting ?

    Hello all sorry first post and already asking questions .

    Does anybody have any experience with I am interested in one of their plans for Artists and wondered if there is any things I should know ?
    Please help out if you know as I am an ex cyberwings client and do not want to be stung again !

    Thank you

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    Well, their prices seem about right. But I couldn't find anything in a search for you. So there may not be any reviews on it here.

    They have a 14 day money back guarantee but when you click on the link it says 30 days.

    I guess you could take advantage of that guarantee and go with them and if your not happy ask for a refund and go elsewhere. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
    Reliable web site hosting is our motto. We have Alertra stats to back that up.
    Proven provider of high quality shared and reseller accounts since 2002.

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    Thank you for your response , I signed up with them and was set up in about 40 mins . So far so good , they seem quite helpfull ..

    Thank you for your advice will try them for their money back offer !!

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    I was thinking they're the hosting arm of the domain registrant.

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