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    Hi everyone, I'm getting my new server ready to be launched in a couple of weeks and i was thinking of a few things that i could do to use up some of the spare resources while making a profit and providing a service at the same time. The big question i have is, is there a market for providing Private SOCKS5 connections for a nominal fee? if so what are the normal price brackets for bandwidth, speed, and number of users per server? Any help at all would be great!

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    I would watch out. If you provide that service, users may use your IP space to do some bad things online. You could end up getting a lot of abuse complaints, which you have to factor in when coming up with a price.

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    I do not think there is a big market for it simply because of the potential problems for abuse. While there are plenty of legitimate uses for it I would imagine more people then not would be using it to potentially break the law.
    You need to look at the cpu usage of whatever SOCKS program you are using and how you are going to track bandwidth. In terms of prices, you have to figure out if you are going to oversell or not then go from there.

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