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    Mailing List script

    I was wondering what script someone would suggest for a pretty basic mailing list. Basically just need somethign with a web interface to add users and new lists, easy to install, and have the ability for people to write to an address say [email protected] and it would sent out to all the members. So not just an anouncment type list but one where all memebrs can contribute. Thanks so much for your help.

    Mark K.

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    This one is good and the price is right, FREE!

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    search for a script called easyletter... very basic and powerfull, uses a txt file to store e-mails...
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    What scripting language is supported on your server? You can watch out for free scripts at

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    If you have access to the aliases file, you can setup a basic mailing list through that by calling in a file which has an email address per line.

    Nothing very sophisticated, but it does the job

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    As a PHP Programmer you should always check

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    Originally posted by sitekeeper
    This one is good and the price is right, FREE!
    I think kmark2 is looking for a 'discussion list' where members can send emails to the whole list. MyMail does not currently support that.

    I was going to suggest my favourite, MojoMail ( but same story, it doesn't yet have good discussion list features.

    Perhaps you should look into Mailman ( It's a popular alternative to Majordomo etc. There doesn't seem to be much else in this area, so you might have a hard time finding anything more 'basic' than that.

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