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    Any sample web design pitch to somone who need webdesign ?

    Any sample web design pitch to somone who need webdesign ?

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    If you want a sample of some cheesey webdesign pitch, check your email, I am sure some bozo has spammed you with this before. I get them all the time.
    If you want a nice example, um, that would be asking for me to do the work for you.
    You have to come up with your own description of what you do and how to word it so that people will take an interest in what you have to offer.
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    You might want to re-phrase what you want and post it in the Related Offers and Requests Forum.
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    what im asking is the sample so i can see the key point about what should i write.
    i dont want to copy someone pitch, i know i should write it by myself but i dont have any idea how to make a good webdesign pitch.

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    It's all about "sales techniques" in your pitch. Define your market, find out what they want and write your pitch accordingly.

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