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    * Cheap Template Auction [Clean, Unique, Hosting Template]

    Hey Everyone

    I have 1 template today .

    As usual I will except bids by PM and will keep everyone informed on what the current price is.

    What You Get:

    - .psd file
    - Images Sliced Up
    - FREE Customization (Within Reason)
    - Color Customization
    - Logo Insertion

    **If you buy this template you are allowed to resell it, or auction it of **

    Payment Methods:
    1). Money Order Or Certified Check.


    Template 1:

    - Starting Bid: $55 With $5 Increments. Buyout $100

    I hope this is all resonable with the prices. If not please let me know.
    Oh and all images will be optimized

    Template 1

    Don't forget to make it full screen ... As you can see I am still nervous :p.


    I can make custom templates including "hosting". I charge around the same price or sometimes cheaper. I can do flash aswell you can see some of my most recent templates right here.

    Example 1
    Example 2

    Happy Bidding

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    Sharp looking, I like!

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    Email Sent StartAnISP.

    Now.. Where are the bids? C'mon people.


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    Still nothing.. after a PM I have lowered the price to$35 Bidding starts and $75 buyout

    $35 is the current bid... if you have an offer let me know

    And remember I do custom templates.
    I got an email about this

    - First I do let you see the work before you buy it.. so you can customize it, etc.
    - The prices are lower than a premade template
    - And again its yours to be resold and yours forever

    PM Me OR Post Here. IF you want a custom done. I do not check my email in the profile often


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    Current Bid $45. Through Email.

    Any more bids?

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    Auction CLosed Thanks

    My offer about custom templates is still open


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