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    Free Hosting for web ventures


    This has nothing to do with my work so I want to put that on the record as these servers for my personal use are not in the webreseller datacenter, I do not like conflicts of interest.

    I personally have servers of my own in a few different places in the US. I am looking at providing hosting at no cost to people and or companies with well done plans and or venture ideas. They have the option of mentioning my forum on there site somewhere but there is no obligation.

    There will be minimal support given as there are very little problems with my servers if any, but I will help you where it is needed.

    I will review all plans and or ideas and choose the ones I would like to work with. Some examples would be a forum, a business idea, but this is not for hosting companies to resell hosting and or that. I can give u space and all the bandwidth you can imagine, but im very busy so this is not something for the novice idea or person

    If you have any questions please post here and or contact me direct at [email protected]


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    Not sure what you mean but are you going to help out with the idea/plan/development or are we on our own?

    Is it Windows or Unix?

    Plesk, Cpannel or something else?



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