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    Inspired... but not much


    I redesigned the page I showed in Blue and Green post, keeping however, the same basic concept and collors. Would like to have your comments now.


    This site is killing me...

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    What does the business name have to do with hosting?

    You need to have some imagery in there somewhere as it adds richness to the site.

    If it was your intention to have the site stick out, then you have made your point.

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    The site looks OK. The red color does not look good. You can change it to maroon to look better.

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    hmmm.... your work looks simple. The color scheme needs to be worked on.

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    I like the site. Good job. All the information is in one screen. But the orange on blue has to be changed to something easier on the eyes? - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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    I like the layout and the design but its just he colors. The red and the orange it needs to be changed and try to add something to the header.

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