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    Help: htaccess performance problems?

    Hi all,

    Is this possible?

    I want all my hosting customers to have a directory (let call it 'padlock') under the public_html directory, that only allows access from a list of domains/ipaddresses.

    Rather than having customers setup .htaccess files in their individual 'padlock' directories, is it possible to setup the webserver to automatically setup 'hostwide' access blocking 'padlock' directories on all accounts without using .htaccess.
    Thereby eliminating the performance slowdown associated with individual .htaccess files.

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    Help anyone?

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    You might look at the Location or Files or FilesMatch directives in the Apache documentation. Maybe ScriptAlias too, depending on what you're trying to do.
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    You will find that customer us .htaccess files for more then just password protection..

    Therefore disabling it all together will be sure to get you some complaints.
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