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Thread: Thank you all!

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    * Thank you all!

    Well in my quest to find a new host I learned a lot from you people in this forum! Thank you for this very valuable resource. I just signed up today with a company called dialuphosting. I hope they do a great job. So far they have been very good as far as e-mailing me answers to any questions I had, even the stupif one where I asked if there name really reflected that they were an actual DIAL UP host! LOL. Hey gotta cover all bases right. I will report back in the next few weeks to tell you how everything is going. Just waiting for my name server to propagate so I can access the control panel. Thanks again all!

    P.S. As much as I like this place and found it very helpfull, I hope I don't have to come back and search around again any time soon!

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    Hello, MoFunk. I'm glad web hosting talk has been a good expierence for you. Also good luck with your host .

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    MoFunk, good to see a happy customer, please feel free to join the community from a "Generic Chat" point of view, there are many forums for simple chat aswell as forums for technical questions of site design and administration.

    and also the ability to get your site reviewed by other members once it has been designed.

    Hope to see you again soon.

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    Congratulations that you found a host, and best of luck with it!

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    Thank you guys for the kind words.

    So far I have been very pleased with this host. Support has been great. One of the staff even helped me set up a phpbb, which they do not officially support. So that to me is going above and beyond! So unless they pull a Cyberwings, I am VERY happy with them!

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