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    Determine HDD size on Linux

    Hello everyone,

    Will someone tell me how to determine the total HDD size on a linux machine from the command prompt? Also, how do I determine the amount of free space on the drive?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Use the "df" command.

    It'll list all the partitions and will give you their sizes and how much space is used/available.

    I hope this helps.

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    fdisk -l (lower case L)

    will also provide you with HD size info, including unmounted or unpartitioned drives.

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    Better still, use "df -h" option it will lists the mounted disks in mb size, used, available, capacity, mounted on, .... and if you want to see other options for "df" just type "df --help" (2dashes and help)
    and it will lists all the options available for df command.

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    Smile Thank you

    Thank you everyone for offering those tips. I really appreciate it.

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