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    How to prevent hijack of my domain for email ?


    I have a site hosted on AWH which uses Cpanel/WHT and have been recently plagued by someone having to use our domain name in the FROM of their spam mails and thus getting tons of bounced emails in our Catch-All mail box account and once in a while where we have people complaining to us to stop sending them emails. Of course, we cannot stop sending since we never started before.

    The emails are not originating from our account but just the domain name has been hijacked.

    Is there any way of preventing this from happening in the future ? We do not want the undiscerning public to associate us with the spam and we want to rid our account from this problem.


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    The only thing you can do is block the address that the mail is comming too.
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    Check if you have installed old buggy form mail scripts that can be used by spammers. Still over %50 of hosts use them by default.

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    Nope, I do not have any form mail scripts or anything installed on my accounts. The thing is that the emails do not originate or went through my account. They just use my email address as the 'FROM' and sent it through their own servers. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    If you look at mail's headers you may find some info about where emails were sent
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    Thanks. Well, actually I did not notice the spam except for the bounced emails which came to my catch-all account.

    For some weird reasons, seeing the header shows that the guy uses different mail servers but I will try to determine the original source. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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