I recently posted a response to a hosting request for a NPO site stating that i/we give away small hosting accounts to NPO's.

Since then i have a number of requests, so i just thought i would post this 'offer' so that others are aware.

- 50MB Space (linux)
- 5GB transfer
- CPanel
- Subdomains
- 25 POP3 accounts
- 10 MySQL databases
- PHP, CGI, Python

plus all the usual.

you can sign up here if you wish to do so.

if you have any questions you can email me at [email protected]

the borring bit

Please note, you will need a credit card to sign up. This is primarily just to check that you are 18 (we don't host minors unless the authority has come from an adult). it is also to stop anybody from trying to sign up for an account who isn't entitled to it.
As said above, this is only for NPO's or charitable organisations. You don't have to be registered to apply.
Please do not apply if you are not entitled. if we have to many false signups then we will just stop offering this.
Personal sites will be considered.

wasn't that an interesting read. i hate that i have to write that stuff these days.