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    Talking Please review our new redesigned celebrity website

    This celebrity website has come online over 2 years, we hired a web design firm and made a total new changes in last few weeks. We have a few days to evaulate, so please give me your comment on how you feel and what I could it make it better. Your comments are welcome.

    Our website


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    1- POP UPS are ANNOYING. I understand u must get revenue but c'mon..

    2- took forever to load on my cable connection...

    3- too much apple rip-off, beware:
    the itools/ dot mac logo on the top corner..
    the apple load smiley face close to the bottom...

    3- too slow
    A completely biased perspective of Beijing's Live Music scene and tidbits about tech and restaurants!

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    Huh!!! Those pop ups. I hate them.
    Your site looks nicely designed. The download time is more. it may be due to the images you have used on your site.

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    The design of your site looks good and your popups too. It will be better if you can reduce it to only one.

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    Lucky I have a was using a pop-up killer so I didn't get to see the pop-ups But I would say that having popups would annoy people alot so I would recommend you take that off.

    I also don't like the bottom of the page. The detail looks different to the top, but overall the site looks good. Keep up the good work.

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    design your own ICONS!

    All it would take is one little email to apple with your url and bye bye to icons, save yourself the trouble.

    Then again it looks like you might be in a different country than the US where our laws are hard to enforce.

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    I agree with Tranz and the others.

    Lose the pop-ups. You've got ads in the main site, the pop-ups only piss people off and make them leave.

    If you can't draw your own unique icons, hire someone to. Don't just directly rip them off from other sites. And believe me, you don't want to take them from Apple. They've already sued many for even designing sites with the "Aqua" look to them ... not stealing the actual images but creating new ones LIKE their patented look. Watch your back!

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    Your logo is horrendous. (the text)

    The site doesn't look like it all flows together at all IMHO.

    The flashing "winner" banner on the top is a sure way to drive everyone away

    popup on every page? goodbye!

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    i couldn't view the site i got hit by about 3 popups and closed all windows.

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