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    I need some help on a technical issue, possibly DNS

    I have been trying to diagnose a problem for quite sometime now and I just can't seem to find the fix. It first happened when people on one ISP could not see my box. We went through every possible scenario and could not figure out why it was not seeing it. Everything looked like it should work but it just wouldn't. Then in the past week more ISPs have been coming up with the same problem. I don't know what is going on and my clients are not happy with this. If anyone has any ideas or need more information I can get it to them just let me know what you need. I am in dire need of a fix, thank you.

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    I have seen similar things in the past and it usually traced back to more than one DNs thinking it was authoritative for that particular domain.

    Classic case - you are a host and take a hosting account from an ISP. The ISP deletes the account, but never bothers deleting that zone file from their DNS. User of that ISP (or of their DNS servers for that matter) are going to be sent to your old hosting address, and never even see the correct DNS entries on your new host.

    Have you confirmed that your domain is resolving to the correct name servers, both primary and secondary, and that they are resolving correctly to their IP address?

    Trace back the DNS servers that may have had authority for this domain in the past and request that they remove their entries.

    Just a shot - Good luck.

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    If you're using Cpanel (or even if you are not) read this:

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    The thing is, it is all of the sites on the server, not just one. And it started out with just one ISP but it seems to have been growing and growing lately, off and on. The ISP I am on right now is having the problem so I have to put in different DNS settings on my box at the office so I can view my server. A system admin has been trying to correct the problem but everything he has come up with has not solved to problem. I was just hoping that someone out there would have some idea of what could possibly be going on.

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    I am using plesk on my server, but I am going to have to check that out thanks for the URL.

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    Can you post one of the domain names in question, or if for some reason you don't want to, email it to me at [email protected] - I'd be happy to try and take a look from my perspective.

    Are you sure the domain is resolving to your new dns? Perhaps it is still resolving to the old host and they HAVE removed it from their records? That would explain the slowly but surely dissapearing from each ISP.

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    After looking at the URL supplied by Lightnin I think that that might be the cause of all of my problems. My only problem is I have no clue how to go through my DNS and diagnose the problem and see what is causing it.

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    Login with SSH.

    type: cd /var/named

    type: ls

    You should see a list of .db files for all your domains.

    Type: pico

    Then compare it to the one on the link that I posted.

    Also make sure there is an A record for your nameservers in the .db for your own domain.
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    registrar problems?

    You have some problems with DNS records, but not on your server. Try checking your domain at

    I'm seeing that there are more than just your nameservers responding when I query for your domains. Sometimes, the query is answered by and sometimes by

    If you have recently changed your nameservers, not all of the TLD nameservers have your latest information ( will show you which ones have, and which ones haven't - just keep reloading the page to cycle through all the TLD nameservers and you'll see what I mean). Now in the case of this domain, they all point to the right IP, but if they didn't . . .

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    Ok you are right veloy. net is messed up but isn't and that is not working also. So are you saying that the nameservers at the registrar are wrong? I have three nameservers setup NS1 - NS3.VELOY.NET and about those name servers were added to try and fix the problem, but they didn't do anything so they are in the process of being removed. Any ideas?

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    Well, when I checked, I got directly to the site with no problems, nor did I see any through, other than your nameservers are responding recursively, but most everybody's do.

    Have you made any IP changes recently? Or hostname changes? I think you have to try to seperate the possible location of the problem - determine whether it's anything wrong with your nameserver, or with the registrar's data that they've provided to the TLD nameservers. I don't see any at the TLD servers with - they all seem to be loaded to the TLD servers correctly. But, I would check the DNS zones in Plesk, and make sure that all the zones load with no errors when you restart named. One common problem occurs if you have an A record and a CNAME record pointing to the same host; the zone doesn't load even though named appears to start, and then that zone won't resolve.

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    If this helps anyone I put up two tracert, one where the ISP is able to resolve to the server and the other is when the ISP can not resolve to the server.

    This is when it can resolve...

    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms
    2 3 ms 3 ms 3 ms []
    3 10 ms 11 ms 12 ms
    4 59 ms 12 ms 14 ms []

    5 24 ms 19 ms 40 ms
    6 20 ms 19 ms 19 ms
    7 40 ms 56 ms 40 ms
    8 47 ms 39 ms 40 ms []
    9 41 ms 42 ms 48 ms []
    10 72 ms 88 ms 79 ms []
    11 56 ms 55 ms 57 ms []
    12 61 ms 55 ms 57 ms [129.250.9
    13 56 ms 54 ms 54 ms [129.250.
    14 * 58 ms 59 ms [129.250.
    15 72 ms 59 ms 61 ms [
    16 60 ms 65 ms 63 ms
    17 61 ms 59 ms 60 ms []

    Trace complete.

    This is when it can not
    Unable to resolve target system name

    I hope that might spark some ideas, because I am lost. Thanks

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    this is the exact same problem my customers are having and me too ! I heard somewhere it might have something to do with BIND 9.x ...anyone?

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    I had no difficulties with this domain name either.

    Could this be a local problem to your local machine? How are you handling DNS for your local client?

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