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    Azaloth Productions now available to accept more jobs! *Read*

    Hi All,

    We have had a very busy and very successful summer, however things have slowed down and we are now accepting more clients for high-end design work.

    Our rough cost estimates:

    Entire website w/Flash, Sound, all the perks (see or - $2000

    One page custom template with Flash, Sound, etc - $250

    Two-Page (Portal and Sub-lage) template w/all the frills - $350

    Custom Flash Intros/Splash pages - $200

    The above are simply "ballpark" figures in relation to the most common job requests we get. For a full portfolio of our most recent work please check out:

    We offer other services as well such as complete corporate identity packages, custom banner/logo design, etc. all of which must be individually appraised to give accurate cost estimates. As previously stated, the above costs are very flexibile; if a client wants an entire site but doesn't want lots of high-end Flash than the cost would be significantly lower, or if a client wanted an entire site done exclusively in Flash, with custom 3D development, backend integration, and a massive amount of content creation, we'd charge thousands more.

    I'll post a few links of our more recent projects here and if anyone is interested in contacting us about what we can offer you please feel free to e-mail: [email protected]

    Recent works:

    (Template currently for sale see this thread: )

    Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.
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    Very reasonable prices Azaloth. I'm glad some people around here are looking in the higher-end of the market too... I almost gave up finding any job paying anything more than 100$

    Good luck.

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