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  1. #1 = SPAMMERS!!!!

    Below is the spam I received. It's pathetic when a company needs to resort to spamming to gain customers because they are simply unqualified to compete legitimately with other web hosting providers.

    All great websites needs a reliable web hosting provider, we are here to provide you with
    superb hosting for an affordable price and exceptional support.

    Here is our special offer to you:

    Signup here:

    For $9.99
    You will recieve:

    * 5000 MB of bandwidth
    * 1 Gig of Diskspace (Nobody beats this feature!)
    * CGI access for your scripts
    * FULL SSH/telnet access for full control of your website
    * Online Email manager
    * FREE Website Statistics (So you can see full details of your visitors!)
    * FREE 1 MySQL Database ($50 value)

    * And Best of all 30 day money back guarantee. We stand behind our service and know you will love it!

    You can signup by going here:

    Daniel Spring

    UnSubScribe from our list here:

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    Thanks for informing us

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