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Thread: Please review!

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    Please review!

    We just got our new site up please check it out at

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    The header on your site looks good. The font you have used is Times New Roman which looks bad. The text on your top navigation is Verdana. You have to work more on it.

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    hmm.. for some reason the image "file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/ben/My%20Documents/My%20Webs/1-x-citednewdesign/hd_amd_lg.gif" doesn't show up..

    I like the flash logo thing;

    lookin' good

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    The site looks OK. That image he may not have uploaded or it done it in some other folder.

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    I found the banner to be distracting. Not sure about the fonts used. With a better choice of font I think the colors will hold together much better than they are here. Normally the three colors you have choosen should sit quite nicely together but for some reason they look a little bit dull on your site. As I said before, I think that may be down to the choice of font.

    Good luck with the business anyway.


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    The banner is terrible. Make it spin once every 20 seconds. Not every second.

    The font seems bad and too small. Especially in the top buttons.

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    I suggest some variety in font size/weight.

    Also get some padding in the left cells.

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