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    * 866 P3, 256 ECC Ram, Two 40GB HD with RAID, 150GB BW, Cpanel, $149/mo

    866MHZ Pentium III Processor
    256MB ECC Registered Ram / Dual Lan
    Two 40GB Hard Drives with RAID
    150GB Data Transfer (Quality.. Burstable to 10Mbps) - Super fast network.
    3 Month Contract Required

    Latest Security Patches and updates
    Monthly: $149
    Set-Up: $99

    Add CPANEL/WHM for $50/month * EDIT, My mistake, It is included in plan!

    4 IP addresses. $0.25 each aditional IP

    IP :

    Offer only available to WHT Members.. Limited supply of these servers.. We just got six in, so six are available.

    Anything you want to know, I'll be glad to help you out.

    Have a great day guys
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    Sean Bailey

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    Post subject is BS

    Mods should do something about people writing BS to get peoples attention.

    866 P3, 256 ECC Ram, Two 40GB HD with RAID, 150GB BW, Cpanel, $149/mo

    CPanel is an extra =$50
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    Wow, maybe someone needs to see a proctologist.. Anyway, I didn't mean to write that cpanel was an extra $50. It is included in the $149/mo - I just accidentaly pasted it in there from an earlier post. My mistake.

    Oh, and thanks for taking mature steps as to inquiring about something that may have been misleading.. "IT's BS!"

    Sean Bailey

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