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    What are your opinions about or


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    as far as i conserned one of their resller suckkss like anythin theyyy give hosting for 50mb with 200mb bandiwdth permonth for 12$ permonth. and they dont even have support they dont reply father site is hosted by and most of the time we get 500 internal server error. now i changed my host to not my father site .when i get dedicated server ill change it soonn......may be may offer good support and service butt their reseller or client reallyyy sucksss and they dont even deserve a piece of ****...

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    Thank you for the information, that was a great help in deciding.

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    r u goin to buy r reseller account from them ??? if so dont go near them...i personally recommend their site is under remodification so visit

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    Do a search on this forum (search button, top right) for Fasthosts and see the comments made about them. Also, bare in mind that on there resellers plans, they charge extra for control panels, databases, stats...etc.

    Any good host will include this as standard. Also, beware of any comapny claiming to offer unlimited web space/ bandwidth. This does not exist.

    Good luck!

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