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What is eAZyDNS?

eAZyDNS is a webbased application to configure the DNS-service on linux-powered servers.
The software gives access to all types of nameserver entries (SOA-, A-, CNAME-, MX- and NS-records) with definable rights for different users (admin, reseller and user).

The three most common scenarios of using the dns-services are covered:
- Primary nameserver installed on your server, secondary nameserver by your registrar or noc
- Primary and secondary nameserver installed on your server
- Primary and secondary nameserver installed on two of your servers

The webapplication is written in PHP with MySQL-support and with small knowledge of HTML&PHP, you can fit content and look to your style.
Due the modular way of building updates and further features can be integrated quickly.
The kernel is a compiled perl-script, you only need linux, perl and the dbi-module to run eAZyDNS
eAZyDNS only restarts the nameserver if changes to the domains where made
slim database with only three tables

two differen versions availible:
free demo-version:
Access for admin, reseller and users
Number of domains is limited to 5
Only need to change the serial for update to PRO
Same featurs like free
Unlimitited number of domains

eAZyDNS was tested with RedHat 6.2, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3
Works on every other distribution, please test the free version first
Perl with DBI-module

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