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    About a year ago, I was looking to move with a host that gave more webspace at the same price I was paying. After doing some searches, I came across

    Their package was great! For an annual price of about $56, they offered alot of features. They also offered a 30-day money-back guarantee. I emailed sales and told them I was interested, and if they could give me more information. They emailed back saying if I signed up, they would give me ANOTHER *FREE* domain account. So for the price of one annual fee, I'd be getting two full featured domain accounts. They seemed really friendly and accomodating, so I figured, probably, tech support would be easy to deal with.

    So I signed up and paid the annual fee.

    My mistake. While my order was processing, I realized that the site made no mention of how much bandwidth I'd be getting. Belatedly decided to peruse the fine print, I found out that they were only offering something like 200MB bandwidth

    So immediately I emailed tech support telling them that this was a bit cheap, and if they could increase the bandwidth. No response. After a few days, I still hadn't gotten any response. So I promptly both emailed them with a request for cancellation, and I signed the cancellation form in their site.

    Allow me to add that while all this was going on, they did not send me my account information

    Anyway quite a few frustrated threatening emails from me and about a month later, I got an email with my account information and another email saying they would increase my bandwidth if I wished. Of course, too late, right? I mean for starters, the fact that they took around a month to send me my account info should piss me off already. So I emailed back saying, no thanks, I would just like my refund, please.

    They then emailed me back in the affirmative. Saying "as per company policy, your money will be refunded." It's been more than a year later and I have gotten no such refund. I have emailed them repeatedly, even threatening to file a complaint about them. Just this morning I decided to give it a shot again and visted their site, and tried to use the contact form to tell them I'm still waiting for my refund. The contact form doesn't even work

    So basically what I'm trying to say is that HOSTING.US.COM is a fraud. Don't host with them. If they're reading this, I'd like, once again, to demand that they refund me what I paid.

    I hope this info helps anyone who might make the mistake of signing up with this host.

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    Yep.... I have about 40 different hosts and about 5 bad experiences. This lot were certainly a bad experience. They don't deliver and then resist vigorously when you try to get your money back.

    Interestingly one of the other bad experiences was which also has a current thread. Are you guys trying to give me nightmares?

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    I went to and it wouldn't work without the www.
    It takes you to where you see this:
    US.COM - a domain name, without
    restrictions, reflecting a US identity
    together with the coveted .com ending!

    CentralNic provides a wide range of alternative domain names. Registration is quick and simple, and there are no local rules to qualify for a domain unlike many national domains.

    You may currently register domain names with suffixes like, and (you can view our complete list by clicking on the 'Domain Names' item in the menu on the left). Our range of names is constantly increasing so keep a lookout for new names that we offer.
    So basically is a subdomain. Not that there is anything wrong with subdomain hosting itself, but this is a subdomain name instead of a .com name, which means that they did not have to follow the regular rules of registering a domain name. (like using their real contact info, for one)
    I doubt that a good host would have one of these subdomain names for their main site if they expect to be around for awhile.
    I know ***** ripped off everybody else, but they wouldn't do it to me.
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