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    Talking Rack Space Roommate

    Does anyone want to share some rack space / bandwidth with me?

    Iíve moving some equipment into a data center and to keep the costs low, Iím looking to fill some rack space and more importantly, soak up some bandwidth to get into a higher [and cheaper] bandwidth tier. Iíll give you the rack space and bandwidth at cost and let you use our Cisco gear for free.

    Please private message me if you are currently using 25Mbps+ of traffic. Details of the data center, pricing, etc. to follow in private message only please.

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    dude... atleast post which providers you are using... makes a big difference... datacenter, we can all generally be lenient... but bandwidth provider, we all have our "prefered" and "wouldn't use if it were almost* free" lists...

    *i'll admit, i'd use almost anything if it were free... if it were severely bottlenecked, no, wouldn't use it... as any site owner can understand...

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