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    If your selling tangible goods online and accepting credit card transactions and also have a merchant account, do you need an SSL certificate for security?

    Sorry, I'm a bit confused.

    What if you don't have a merchant account but are using something like etc, do you still need one since they are processing the credit card for you?

    What is a good price to pay for a reliable provider?

    What are some good reliable providers?

    And does being in Australia in any way affect any of the above?

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    If the shopping cart or order form resides on a merchant's secure server, you can use that. Some setups will require you use SSL and scripts on your end though. While others will have a script but only use the final 3rd party merchant order form having variables passed to it for the final ordering processing for the CC and personal info. it really depends, but you're not required to have SSL on a server to do any secure ordering, but you should have one on the end where clients will submit the final order.
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