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    * Newbie here. Help me choose...


    i'm new to this web hosting stuff and must admit i was quite intimidated but the sheer number of options out there.

    after many days researching this forum and others, i think i have narrowed it down to five good choices. note that i have a few domains to manage, so i shopped primarily for plans that provide multiple domain hosting.

    here's the list as it stands now, in no particular order:

    - AlwaysWebHosting
    - myAcen
    - MCHost
    - Voxtreme
    - HTTPme

    the first two seem to offer cheaper plans but i've heard better things about the latter three. any and all advice is welcome. please, help me choose!

    many thanks,

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    I'd recommend HTTPme. Service is excellent!
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    I've switched a couple of accounts to Voxtreme to test, and I must say, no downtime and service has been great. Response is usually within the hour, but mostly less than that.

    I have to congratulate the staff there. Professional and patient.

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