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    I am thinking about buying a Rackshack server and then reselling a few accounts off of it. I just want to make a little extra spending money. I am thinking of selling 10 of these packages for $20 month:

    1.5 gig space
    25 gig bandwith
    Reseller access
    and all the other features.....

    Do you think I can sell those 10 accounts w/o much trouble? I am thinking about putting an offer here and on Sitepoint. Do you think I will be able to sell very many accounts from just that?

    Thank for your help!
    Matthew Josten

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    Umm for 20 bucks you cant sell anthing here unless it includes 20GB of space and 300GB transfer.. oh yeah and also you can usually get 20 bucks for a template thats worth 300+ dollars.

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