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    iPowerWeb Negative Experience

    Hi Guys,

    I thought I would post my recent experience trying to get a site hosted at to warn others.

    My experience started out great. Their site looks good, easy to order... felt automated, great deals with large bandwidth, claimed 24hr support, etc. They looked like exactly the host I was looking for to host one of my domains.

    Here's what happened:

    Fri afternoon: Placed Order. Promptly received information for changing name servers, passwords, etc.

    Saturday: DNS has propagated to the root servers, but domain still isn't in their name servers. I used NSLOOKUP on both of their name servers. No response. I used their web form to notify them of the problem. I expected a quick response with all the hype about customer service on their site.

    Sunday: Still no DNS entries. I wrote their sales folks and their technical support again. I received prompt notification from their automated system that they received my emails.

    Monday: Still no DNS entries. Still no response to any email. I notified them that if they didn't respond to my emails and have the DNS problem resolved, that I would cancel per their 30 day guarantee.

    I didn't receive a response so I sent another email telling them to cancel the account and confirm by the C.O.B. or I would report them on, iCop, and the Better Business Bureau.

    Step #1 complete.

    Edit to add the following:

    Mon 8:52pm: According to my bank, they have charged my card four times for this one hosting account now! Still no response to any of my emails to sales or support.

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    Hope you get an answer!
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    Re: iPowerWeb Negative Experience

    Originally posted by jbrausch

    Mon 8:52pm: According to my bank, they have charged my card four times for this one hosting account now! Still no response to any of my emails to sales or support.



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    Jim, Im so sorry. :-(
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    Hey jbrausch,

    I know some of the guys over at iPowerweb quite well, and know they take their business quite seriously. I am surprised to hear you are not getting some action on this one. I would be happy to try and put in a word to someone I know to see if they can get something escalated for you.

    Obviously no promises, but I am happy to try and help if I can.

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    I finally heard from them today. First I received a meaningless reply to one of my emails which basically said that they couldn't help me without my domain name. Of course the response was still attached to my email which clearly stated my domain.

    After the above posting, I remembered that I was a member of their affiliate program. In fact, I had referred 20 sales to them over the last year. Obviously I didn't want that to continue, so I remove all links and wrote their affiliate manager a courtesy note to tell him why we were cancelling our affiliation.

    That got a response. Their affiliate manager called several times and wrote several emails to straighten everything out. My account has been cancelled and confirmed cancelled. They promised to correct the four charges to my card.

    Unfortunately, there are now six charges of $95.40 on my card!!! I suspect the two charges which showed up today are the result of them trying to correct the problem. I'll let their affiliate manager know about this tomorrow and I'm sure he'll be as responsive as he has been.

    I should also report that their affiliate manager believes their lack of response to emails is the result of spam filtering software. Apparently one of their customers was spam copped and although iPowerWeb claims to have dealt with the matter, their servers were temporarily blocked. They have no real explanation for why they never added the new account to their DNS servers (what started this whole mess). They also have no real explanation for the lack of returned telephone calls to their main voice mail box.

    I'll continue to update here until the matter is fully resolved (ie: charges credited to my credit card, etc).

    I also promised the affiliate manager to do a secret shopper test in a couple of weeks to see this this mess was a fluke or their normal operation. I'll keep the BBB claim and the fraud claim with the city of Santa Monica's Consumer Protection department open until I have the results of that test.

    Of course, I'll post the results here as well.

    I appreciate all others who post their experiences on This is the best resource on the Internet to find a quality host... or better yet to rule out a bad hosting decision.

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    my experienced with them.

    I was lucky because I have no bad experienced wth them in terms of payment.

    I cancelled our hosting account with them because we experienced that the server was not reliable. Our site was down most of the time and we received a lot of spam since that we host our site with them.

    Few months later we decided to cancel our account with them and get the remaining balance for refund, and fortunately they refund it.

    I never wish to come back in this company and host our site anymore because they offer good package but not reliable.

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    ya my forums also do not have any postive experience as far as ipowerweb is concerened. These ppl are handling too many accounts, ones they cant handle

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    their advertisement

    I found them in PPC search engine and they are in the top position in target keyphrase/words and most of the time I saw their ads in Yahoo.

    In result in their advertisement they have a lot of clients, as far as I know. Correct me if Im wrong.

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    Take it from me: You DO NOT want IPowerWeb as your host.


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    Re: Re: It's Unfortunate to Hear the Bad News...

    Originally posted by Jedito

    I don't want to be rude, but who cares?
    Everybody should

    It is not always possible to help customers out within 5 minutes but if you charge a CC 6 times you have business problems.
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    Re: Re: Re: It's Unfortunate to Hear the Bad News...

    Originally posted by addaction

    Everybody should

    It is not always possible to help customers out within 5 minutes but if you charge a CC 6 times you have business problems.
    I meaned, who cares that he do it, this thread wasent about him.
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    Hi everybody, I am also a user of ipowerweb. I have sent email to cancel my account 2 weeks ago, but i haven't got the refund although they have confirmed that and promised that.
    in the last email, they responded like
    Thank you for your comments. We are sorry to hear that you are canceling. Please allow seven business days for any appropriate refunds to take place. In the meantime, please ensure that you have a backup of your files.
    i have been waiting for two weeks and there is nothing happened to my credit card a/c, i wonder what they are doing these days, celebrating?

    cheers and still waiting


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    Hi Guys,

    Here's my latest update. I still have 5 of the 6 pending charges for $95.40 on my account.

    I gave up dealing with them when I received the last email from their affiliate manager (the only person who has been remotely responsive there). His last email asked ME to keep HIM updated. Huh?

    I still haven't heard from the BBB or from the City Attorney in Santa Monica, but I will definitely be following this one through.

    So... as you know, the BBB and City Attorney's take things much more seriously when multiple people complain. It is obvious from these postings that this behavior is status-quo for iPowerWeb. If you have negative experiences with them, please follow these links and report them:

    The BBB complaint is the most important. Believe it or not... they are currently members in good standing!


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    I remember getting a bunch of spam email about ipowerweb. That alone turned me off of them. Don't do business with spammers.

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    You can't blame them for the DNS thing. Switching servers and changing your DNS is always a pain in the ass and usually takes days for it to be right.

    The charging you 6 times for the same account it really jerkish of them. I will certainly avoid them like the plague because of that.

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    You can't blame them if YOU don't know how to get a domain transferred. True. You can't blame them for any one of a number of mistakes possible to be committed by your registrar and/or the internic. True.

    You CAN blame them if THEY don't add the domain to their own domain servers.

    If you know how to use NSLOOKUP, you can easily see if the problem is an internic problem or an iPowerWeb problem. In this case, it was an iPowerWeb problem.

    Here is their address for anyone filing BBB complaints:

    iPowerWeb, Inc.
    2800 28th Street, Suite 205
    Santa Monica, CA 90405


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    Hi Guys,

    Here's the latest update.

    They finally dropped the 5 extra charges to my credit card today.

    To date, having sent multiple emails to sales and support... and having left multiple messages, I received exactly three responses:

    1. A nonsense response from support saying that I needed to include my domain name if I wanted help (my domain name was still in the email attached to the end of this "response").

    2. A response from their affiliate manager stating that they had cancelled my account per my request.

    3. An email from their affiliate manager asking ME to keep HIM updated.

    I still have a Better Business Bureau complaint and a complaint with their city's consumer protection department. I am pretty sure that both will agree that their web-site is intentionally misleading on the issue of support.

    Since they are a member in good standing with the BBB, it may take multiple complaints to get them to change their website or upgrade their support team. I still encourage all of you who have had similar experiences to follow the links I gave earlier in this thread and report them to the BBB.


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    Good Luck with your new Host.
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    Thank you!

    BTW, I think I found the perfect replacement. They were way less expensive... customer service replied in seconds... and the domain was set up in their DNS in less than 2 hours from order. It is a host who was recommended in these forums.

    I didn't think it would be advantageous to mention their name in this thread, but I will post my full experience in a few days. I'm finding it hard to believe that they will end up being reliable, so I want to wait a few days to see if they stay up the whole time before recommending them.


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    There has been an unbelievable turn of events. I'll post what has now happened as soon as I have proof that iPowerWeb is responsible.

    Once again; if you have had similar experiences (or any negative experiences) with iPowerWeb, please contact the Better Business Bureau. Since iPowerWeb is a member of their local BBB, it takes several complaints for the BBB to really start to act.


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    You picked them huh?
    My brother has service with them. he saw an ad so he signed up for their service. I asked him did he check them out first? I got a puzzled response. Most people don't come to forums till after they have issues with a host I guess. He is not screaming yet. I noticed some slow loads (it crawls), but hey, what does he have to compare it with.
    Again, you get what you pay for.
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    That hurts, and they out of all people have 70,000 clients. I wonder how they stay with them.
    Kaumil P.

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    Thumbs down Powweb Victim

    I paid a year in advance for only 4 months of hosting. They sent me a form letter acknowledging my cancellation request, but said nothing of a refund. They won't answer my e-mail. I don't like the way they do business, and now I'm a little worried about them having my credit card information.

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    We have signedup for iPowerWeb reseller program which is literally a joke let me tell you. Their reseller program is like a referral program, everything is branded under their name, but we have to take care of support.

    Anyway, after we signedup, we received no information about our client account, and we requested info, they didn't reply back the first time. So I sent them an e-mail again, and finally a reply back.

    support was prompt in responding. However, we're cancelling our service and moving the client out.
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    about BBBs

    I'm sorry to hear about your terrible experience.

    One thing I wanted to ask you about is that do you really think that complaining to the BBB will do anything? Reason I ask is because all the BBB does is send a letter to the "accused" asking them to give their side of the story, then they file both your letter and their letter away. If a future potential customer then contacts the BBB and asks about the company in question, both of the letters are given to them. Thats all folks!

    Most LARGE companies actually have numerous letters on file - complaints and their defending letter because, well stuff happens. I am not defending Ipower - please understand the topic - about the validity of complaining to BBBs.

    Next thing is how many of you looking for hosting or ANYTHING for that matter bother calling up a BBB and asking them what they have on file for that company? I don't think I have ever done that.

    Last thing, how many of you hosts out there are even MEMBERS of a BBB? (they DO charge to become a member and it ain't cheap)

    Think about this, the COMPANY IS PAYING THE BBB, YOU ARE NOT.

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    Just do a charge back.

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    Businesses do pay to become a member of the BBB. To post the BBB icon on their sites, members agree that they will provide good business practices and resolve complaints through the BBB. As long as those complaints are cleared up in satisfactory manner, they can continue to link the icon to their sites. If a business does not resolve issues they get an unsatisfactory rating. Then that logo cannot be displayed and becomes inactive I think. Just because you are a member and pay the BBB, it still may not give you the right to display their BBB Reliability logo on your site.
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    just some information,
    i finally got my refund after tons of emails.
    i still have to move my domain out coz it cost me $20!
    good luck, everyone!


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    IPowerWeb is a ripoff (personal experience)

    IPowerWeb has the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with
    for any kind of service in North America in my whole life. Here is my
    experience for the smart ones to learn from.

    Besides its domain hosting service IPowerWeb also advertises a
    domain registeration service for only $5.50 a year. I wanted to register
    my domain name at a place different from the place that I host my web site
    at so that I could have more control over things and also I could
    learn to manage my name server settings on my own.

    Nowhere on the IPowerWeb website do they state that if I register a domain
    with them then I can host my web site only with them. Or that they themeselves
    are not the registrars of the domain name. This I fond out the hard way.

    I registered my domain name (adnankDOTcom) with them, then set up a web site at
    another host. After logging into my account at IPowerWeb I realized that there
    is no way for me to change my domain's name server settings so that it would
    point to my new host. I called IPowerWeb. The phone was answered after 40
    minutes of wait. Their representative told me that all I had to do is email
    them at [email protected] and send the names of the nameservers to
    which I woud like my domain to point to from now on. I did that, got an
    autmatically generated receipt for the email but nothng else happened. I
    called IPowerWeb customer service again at 2:30 am on April 18th, 2004. After
    a wait of 30 minutes I got to speak with a technical support agent. He said
    that to change my nameserver settings I would just have to tell my new web
    host to do that. After I told him the obvious fact that it is impossible for
    them to do that, he said I should go to TuCows and do it from there as
    IPowerWeb actually registers the domain names through them. I told him that
    this sounds ridiculous as I purchased a product and service from IPowerWeb not
    TuCows. Therefore, IPowerWeb should take care of the issue and not make me go
    to a third party. Upon hearing this he completely changed his tone of voice.
    He said that IPowerWeb had done me a "favor" by registering my domain name for
    a low price of $5.50. I told him that no matter what the price was, the fact
    remains that I paid for the service. I asked him to get his supervisor and he
    simply refused. I asked him to tell me his name and ID number and he gave me
    only his first name, Mohammed. I asked him to give me something more that could
    identify him sine Mohammed is a very common name. He refused to divulge any
    more information. When I told him that I will wait on the line for as long as
    it takes for him to transfer me to another customer service agent or to his
    supervisor he hung up on me. I have never ever heard of a customer service
    representative hanging up on a customer before in my life. This was a new low.

    When I conducted a WhoIs query on my domain name, I found out that TuCows in
    fact is the registrar for my doman name. However, the WhoIs query result,
    besides other information about myself and my domain also states the following:
    " Registration Service Provider:
    iPowerWeb, [email protected]
    888 511 4678
    310-314-1610 (fax)
    This company may be contacted for domain login/passwords,
    DNS/Nameserver changes, and general domain support questions."

    It clearly states that I should contact IPowerWeb for making any nameserver

    I called IPowerWeb again at 1:25pm on April 18th, 2004. After being put on
    hold for 50 minutes, the line was disconnected from their end.

    I found another registrar on the web that did not pretend to be a registrar
    but actually is one. I tried to transfer my domain name to them. They told
    me that my domain name has been locked and that I need to contact IPowerWeb
    to get it unlocked first.

    So now I am have paid for a domain name that I cannot use, I have lost the
    domain name since IPowerWeb has locked it, and IPowerWeb has not yet replied
    to any of my emails or phone calls (except for the automatic email receipts
    for my emails or the 2 phone conversations I have described above). My website
    is ready at a host but has no doman name. The only solution to this problem that
    I see is to register another doman name with someone else. But being forced to
    change my doman name because my original one (that I OWN, by that way) has
    been hijacked by IPowerWeb, makes me feel robbed.

    The only silver lining that I can see is thns situation is that I did not
    sign up for their web hosting plan. I can only imagine how utterly
    unprofessional they would have been with that.

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    Mm I've heard many good things about ipowerweb

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    For the record my problem has finally been resolved.

    First of all I emailed ICDSoft to confirm that they had some sort of money back policy in case I was not able to host my web site with them. The fact that they have a 30 day money back policy did not surprise me as much as the fact that I got back a response saying so from them in less than 15 minuts! And it was not just an automatically generated response either.

    I then emailed IPowerWeb once more after more than 2 days had passed by since my original email to them requesting the nameserver changes. This time I got back a response in about 15 minutes. The response was short. The person apologised for the troubles I had to go through and pointed me to a URL (that was not given to me by IPowerWeb before but I had found out about it from the discussion boards. I still could not do anything there since they had locked my domain name.). He also unlocked my domain name so that I could then log in at that address and change the name servers myself.

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    Hi adnank,

    Who is the person unlocking your domain name? Could you please post his email address here? Thanks a lot!

    A man who has the same problem with you.

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    I doubt adnank will come back anytime soon on these boards. He has a website listed in his profile... try contacting him there... Good luck!

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