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    Hey, I am basically a Reseller Hosting provider, and was looking to move onto cPanel. I wanted to find out 2 things about CPanel:
    1. How is the support quality of CPanel ie. how much time they take to reply and the quality of their replies
    2. Have you faced any problems with the API and in general any complaints with CPanel.

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    We find the cpanel support response times/quality great when needed, can't fault them.
    If you're just using a reseller plan then you would need to have your hosting provider contact cpanel support, it's the licence owner who has the support contract.

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    FS - Mike Guest
    Recently cPanel support seems to be going down a little, although they might have set a too high standard for themselves with quick response times and friendly support staff.

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    also even if you just started using cpanel there is no need really to contact cpanel people anyway. cpanel is really self explanatory and doesnt take long to learn.
    thats just my 2 centz

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    In 8 years working with cPanel both on the hosting end and in a systems admin function, I think I have had to contact cPanel twice. The software works, and when it doesn't, 9 out of 10 times running the update scripts fixes it.

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    will_hostirian Guest
    also even if you just started using cpanel there is no need really to contact cpanel people anyway. cpanel is really self explanatory and doesnt take long to learn.
    thats just my 2 centz
    Well when your host forget's to renew there licence, Cpanel goes down then you have to contact them, that was my worst nightmare.
    Other then that no problems.

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    Thanks for the quick responses....
    @Paul: i am having my own Hosting servers, so will be buying the license myself...
    I still haven't bought the license, i am still analyzing it's feasibility for my system, so i am looking for support while integrating cpanel with my system....
    Any detailed feedback for their support from license holders?

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    Any detailed feedback for their support from license holders?
    In my experience cPanel's support is top notch. My definition of good support includes reasonable response times, and working with knowledgeable support staff. We've opened a few tickets with cPanel over the years and the response times have consistently been amongst the very best of any vendor we've worked with, typically around 15 minutes or sooner. The content of the replies is perhaps the most critical when requesting support from anyone, and as long as issues are explained very clearly with steps on how to reproduce the problem, the replies have generally always come from staff who've understood the issues and have helpful input.
    Since you asked for details, there are 2 instances which stand out in my mind the most:
    1. A few years ago, a drive in one of our servers stopped functioning. When the other took over, there was some filesystem corruption due to an issue with the RAID controller (that server is no longer in use). Most everything continued to work fine as expected, but there were a few issues. We contacted their support and they walked us through the steps needed to be taken to get everything running back to normal again (nothing drastic, just a few things that needed some tweaking to get back to 100% functionality).
    2. Earlier this year I reported an issue which I don't recall the exact details of off the top of my head. What stands out in my mind about this scenario is that I didn't even get a chance to go into any detail on the issue. No sooner than I said "there's a problem with <some feature>", the person I spoke with *immediately* spotted it and knew what needed to be done to correct it. I do remember that it was fixed shortly afterwards.
    I've personally used support from 3 webhosting panel vendors:
    SWSoft (now known as Parallels) (Plesk control panel)
    I'd rate cPanel's support as excellent, DirectAdmin's as also very good (an exceeding majority of our customer base uses cPanel, so we haven't had much communication with the DirectAdmin folks. I've been very pleased with the few instances we've contacted DA), and you can find reviews on the others on these forums.
    As with support from any vendor, everyones' experiences will be different. Good support comes from people who care about their product and their customers, and the staff at cPanel very much care about both. I don't say that based on our experiences alone. I've seen it not only first hand, but also many times in their forums (not an official place for support) for others over the years, and other places outside of their primary means for support (their helpdesk) for others as well. Bottom line: they know how to take care of their customers and are very good at doing so.

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    Well whm cpanel is obviusly better software compared to other control panels but their price is simply toohigh,especialy now when they canceled lifetime licence.

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    gillyjames Guest
    I would recommend cpanel. It is compatible and stable. In our issues, still now the cpanel support team is great.
    Actually, we have a cpanel support team of ourself and will escalate only critical issues to cpanel support.

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    My experience with with cPanel support has only been great. They even suggested me on stuffs beyond just cpanel (related though).
    Btw... I dont own direct licences (cpanel comes with my server offer). But still their support was great.
    Though if you server provider provides any support, contacting them first might give you a faster resolution than contacting cpanel.

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