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    Web Site Design

    I hired a web designer via and I'm the guy who is supposed to know everything that I want and if I get puzzled about what exactly I want included on my website, the web designer may lack content suggestions (reasonably so). So I'd appreciate it if anyone willing could give some suggestions as to what additionally is needed to the design shown at the below IP Address URL.

    I obviously have ideas for my design, although am puzzled exactly what I WILL be needing and what additional material needs to be added to this site (I've run out of ideas & steam, frankly and since I'm not exactly a web designer myself).

    Thanks goes out in advance to everyone who contributes their thoughts. The navigation works for some of the pages. The logo is currently getting a redesign by the web designers. "Access Numbers" doesn't look quite right either, but we'll fix that later.

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    i would recomend a smaller font on ur navigation bar

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    I agree with the font for the navBar also i think you should put a little white space between the pic at the top and the page border(top)...makes me want to scroll up.

    Plenty of nice space to add things/links in the middle though...but what things?

    headlines might be links with descriptions to some key pages you have.


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    What about the Services page located at
    Remote Power Switch / Switched PDU

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    not to be rude but, get your money back..

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    site is way too small. 80% of the screen is white.. I agree with Tranz on getting your money back..

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    I think this is only the initial work and it will be very early to review on your site. The design of your site looks nothing new.

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    not to be rude but, get your money back..

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    Looks kiddie to me.

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    What do you think would make the design better, if I chose to keep this design?
    Remote Power Switch / Switched PDU

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    again, smaller font on the nav bar
    also, I assume that you'd have a logo where that pic of a bridge (SF?) is at.

    I actually like the design and lack of whistles and bells because you want people with a slow connection to be able to load it fast.

    another possibility is to add some texture to the navigation bar to make it more interesting..

    also, like it was mentioned before, there seems to be too much white on that page.. get some colors for either the table inside or the bg color.. some shade of grey might work..

    good luck
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    What do you think would make the design better, if I chose to keep this design?
    The size of the body looks too small. You can increase the size of it. Try to make a good logo and put it in the blank space on the top left. Your site may look better.

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    Before telling him to get his money would be useful to know what he paid.

    Just to compare........

    I have seen templates advertised here on WHT for $20 that blow this design away..and some!

    Sometimes the quality is not indictive of the price. There is a lesson to be learned here from companies large or small.

    Sure...some companies are well worth the extra buck....but never buy on price alone!

    I personally would not be happy with this design no matter what the price paid.


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    face facts, it's crap - tell the guy you want your money back.

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