Need something set up? Looking for a tech? How about someone to secure that server of yours? Your company looking for people for Live Chat or a IRC chat to help customers? Well then this is the

right topic for on!



CPanel/WHM : If you are looking to have CPanel/WHM installed onto your server but dont have the time or the experience to why not have someone else?
Price: For 1-3 Servers it costs $15 a piece
For 4-20 Servers it costs $10 a piece
For 21+ Servrs it costs $5 a piece

Plesk: Plesk installations. Great control panel, but you may not have the time or may be confused on how to do it.
Price: For 1-3 Servers it costs $15 a piece
For 4-20 Servers it costs $10 a piece
For 21+ Servers it costs $5 a piece

Webmin: Someone that doesn't demand a lot from a control panel or, just want something simple.
Price: For 1-3 Servers $7 a piece
For 4-20 Servers $4 a piece
For 21+ Servers $2 a piece

Perl Modules: Darn perl modules. Dish those requests out to someone else!
Price: $1.00 per Module (discount on bulk)


Apache: Wanna upgrade that version of apache?
Price: $5

PHP: Lets close those Security holes...
Price: $5

MySQL: Demanding performance and cutting edge technology for your data.
Price: $5


LockDown: Need to get your server locked down before it goes live? Then why not get it locked down?
Price: 1-4 Servers $20
5-20 Servers $10
21+ Servers $5

Tech Support: Someone to help out with tech support...what everyone needs.
HelpDesk: You give a per ticket price, or per hour
AIM, Yahoo, MSN: Give me a qoute on how much you are willing to pay...
IRC/Chat: $4 per/hour


Dont see what you wan't here? Don't worry we do custom jobs too! Just contact me at any way in my contact info (see below) and I'll ask you a few questions and give you a qoute.

Contact Info

The most imporant part of this ad contact info.

EMAIL: [email protected]
AIM: SSJ4Gogeta518
Yahoo: redplanetstorm
MSN: [email protected]

If you are interested give me a ring and we can get something worked out. If you require more information give me a ring.

Thank! Neo