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    Re Site review..."Just a quickie"

    Thanks for those of you who were constructive in your comments!

    I have looked at the site through new eyes and believe it was as you say in the most part (with the exception of the first reply)pretty hard to read.
    The type face was well...crap really and the bg...well you forget don't ya sometimes.
    Anyway I changed a bunch of stuff on the site based on this forum and two others...hope you like the changes.

    Addy is...

    Ps...Sadly I am with so full functionality is impossible!

    Thanks ...Andy...

    Live Long and Prosper

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    Its ok nothing good to look at but not ugly, gets the job done.

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    you might want to look at These sites will be your biggest competition. You are moving into an area that is highly saturated and with companies that have millions in backing. Your best bet would be to take the pics and place themwith either one of the two or both and let them market your services. They already have a built up client base with hundreds of thousands of clients.

    When I need an image these are the only two locations I go to.

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    The new fonts and background looks OK. I would say nothing great on your site.

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    You need to learn more on designing.

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    I don't like it at all... i feel like i'm looking at a spelling quiz.

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