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    Making my mail login box work

    Basically i want to make the login box located at the bottom left of - work with so when you enter username and pass it auto logs you in, any ideas?

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    sometimes the simplest solutions are the hardest to see...

    in your HTML header:
    <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript">
      function squirrelmail_loginpage_onload() {
        document.forms[0].js_autodetect_results.value = '1';
    // -->
    HTML form:
    <form ACTION="" METHOD="POST">
    Username: <input TYPE=TEXT NAME="login_username" VALUE="">
    Password: <input TYPE=PASSWORD NAME="secretkey">
    <input TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="js_autodetect_results" VALUE="0">
    <input TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="just_logged_in" value=1>
    <input TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Login">

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    Thankyou - that script works perfectly and used in the site

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